Sacred Sounds Egypt 2015 Update Aug. 31, 2014

Hail, and welcome to the Sacred Sounds Egypt update for September 1, 2014.

ptahsmIn the ancient Egyptian calendar, we would now be in the middle of the month of Ptah, which spans what is mid-August to mid-September in our modern reckoning. Ptah was one of the primordial creator Neters whose thought and word brought the world into being. His blue skull cap shows that he is a sky being whose will brings ideas down from Heaven and into realization on Earth, and this is the very ancient meaning of the phrase “out of the blue,” which we still use for a spontaneous, intuitive insight that seems to come to us from the sky, and bring the answer to a problem that the mallet of the intellect has not yet been able to crack with its usual direct, linear force. We invoke his blessing now, when this month brings, in fact, as we’ll soon see, a superb window of creative opportunity that offers each and all of us a chance to envision and manifest the best that we can dream and intend. More on this in the month’s planetary dynamics at the Universal Festival Calendar. 

Leslie Zehr and I send regular Sacred Sounds Egypt updates to those who are interested in hearing more about the sonic journey we’ll guide through mythic space, from the pyramids of Giza and Saqqara to the mystery sites of Dendera, Abydos, Luxor and Aswan and up to the summit of Mt. Sinai, from Feb. 19 through March 7.
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Sacred Sounds Egypt 2015: The Showdown Festival, Life vs. Death

Thanks to all who’ve expressed such a keen interest in the next Egypt Sacred Sounds adventure, coming Feb. 19 to March 7, 2015. There is more about this sonic journey into mythic space, from the pyramids at Giza to the summit of Mt. Sinai, in the overview page linked above, which leads to our Itinerary, FAQ and Registration pages.

This is the first post in a biweekly series about the Egyptian festival and medicine theatre cycle. We begin just past the beginning, at the pivotal moment of mid-August.

When we lived in ancient Egypt, we would have rested today on Aug. 18 after having celebrated from August 12 to 17 the 6-day festival that ends the month of Thuthi, sacred to the one known to us as Lord Thoth. This festival week marked two extreme weather events: the annual Nile flood beginning on July 26, and the climax of the Dog Days that were said to come in what we now call Leo month July 23 -Aug. 23).

The mid-August festival begins on Aug. 12 with a reminder of what is at stake, as the feast of the lights of Isis honors her crucial role as Healer and Birth Giver, Nourisher and Sustainer, the One who can bring us through what is to come over the next five days. Now, with the River no longer in full flood, but still covering the fertile land with a layer of rich new topsoil that will be planted when the water recedes, there is little to do but honor Isis with the cleansing and restoration of her images and temples, and songs of thanksgiving at night in her beautifully-lighted sacred spaces. We sang simple chants like these:
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Sacred Sounds Egypt 2015 is In the Air


Enrollment is now open for Sacred Sounds Egypt 2015.

Dan Furst and Leslie Zehr will guide this 15-day journey of sacred sound to the great spiritual sites of the Nile Valley and Sinai six months from now, from Feb. 19 to March 7.

Our shared vision is to bring together like-hearted singers, celebrants and adventurers in a highly-charged group intention to explore and recreate the ancient frequencies of sound in the spaces where they first sounded long ago. We will celebrate in sound the wisdom that made Egypt the most profound of all ancient civilizations, home to the ones the Greeks called the happiest, healthiest and holiest people on Earth.


Our journey will take us to such ancient healing sites as the cobra-protected mystery school of Imhotep in Saqqara, shown here. We’ll also explore the music temple of Hathor in Dendera, the mysterious water therapy temple of the Osireion at Abydos, the temple of Isis at Philae, the temples of Karnak and Luxor, and the Valley of the Kings, and the temples we can visit freely on our own motor felucca boat: at Edfu the “husband temple” of Dendera, home to the falcon-headed solar hero and living pharaoh Horus; at Kom Ombo, home of crocodile-headed Sobek, the Digestor of anger and all corrosive emotions; and on the island of Elephantine across from Aswan, home to ram-headed Khnum, ruler of the Age of Aries and Creator who fashioned human beings on his potter’s wheel.
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Star of the Sea: Universal Festival Calendar for July, 2014

The Universal Festival Calendar for July, 2014 begins the UFC’s 17th year since it was first published in July, 1998. This month’s prelude is about Isis, Lady of the River, birth giver, medicine master and Star of the Sea, whose festivals this month mark the return of new life at the crucial moment of the new Nile flood. Another of this month’s festivals is sacred to Lord Thoth, whose meditative and medicinal practices promoted the creation of the khu, or Light Body, which is much needed now at a time of concerted ignorance and untruth. About which, the Bravura Excerpt for this month is here:


As you know, or at least strongly suspect, everything that is going on now is a vast, complex plan among the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA and the NFL, Freemasons, the Vatican, the City of London, the British Crown, Wall Street, the Banking Cartel, the Medici, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove, the White Brotherhood, the Black Hand, the Silver Streak, the Purple Gang and the Golden Dawn, the Mafia, the P2 Lodge, the First Circle, the Second Opinion, the Third Degree, the Fourth Reich, the Fifth Column, the Sixth Sense, the Seventh Seal and the Eighth Chakra, the Vril Society, the Thule Society, the Old Man of the Mountain, the Club of Rome, the Prieurie de Sion, MI6, Mossad, the KGB, the Elders of Zion, the Corporation That Must Not be Named, Skull and Bones, Thomas Pyncheon, Opus Dei, the guy who sold me the Ford Tempo, the Galactic Federation, the Knights Templar, the Ku Klux Klan, Episkopon, the Society of Thoth, the Skopzi, Carbonari, Thuggee, Burschenschaften, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and those people who are never home on Hallowe’en, all linked in combination, conspiracy, collusion, intrigue, synergies, plots and stratagems so complex, and so artful yet well hidden (as in the banner image above, by Devin Vaughn), that only the Eye in the Pyramid can see all the connections, provided that from moment to moment it is not being jiggled by HAARP frequencies or clouded by chemtrails.
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“Look at the Giver”: The Universal Festival Calendar for May, 2014

The Universal Festival Calendar for May 2014 is now online at—may-2014.html. Its Mythic Prelude “Look at the Giver” looks at the planetary energies and aftermath of the hugely impactful Grand Cross alignment that was exact on April 21, and will continue to resonate with us into June.


The main theme, appropriate to our expanding wealth consciousness of Taurus month, is the transition we’ll navigate now and in the years ahead from the late Piscean capital economy that has been dominant in the west since the 18th century, to the Aquarian Gift Economy that now revives as our lives become more communal, abundant, transparent and co-creative. The gift economy, as Lewis Hyde and Charles Eisenstein have recently written about it, is actually an ancient, tribal practice that now comes back as we finally get its possibilities.

An excerpt from the UFC Prelude:

” . . . unlike a capital economy, in which commodities are traded for money, and relationship between buyer and seller, if it can be called that, ends as soon as the service is delivered or the box is in the bag, a gift economy operates on the confidence that what I give will not only be returned to me, but will continue to move and to bless others in ways I can only imagine, but which I know will be to their benefit and mine. The difference is obvious, between a fear-based transaction, in which I will not part with anything unless I know what I’m getting back before anything changes hands, and a love-based interaction in which I have no idea what is coming back or when or how, only that it will, and that I’m only one of many who will be more abundant for the dance of faith we’ve just done, and will keep doing for the sheer unpredictable delight of it.
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Universal Festival Calendar for April, 2014


The Universal Festival Calendar for April 2014, and its Mythic Prelude “Under Siege” — about the spectacular alignment of April 21, with planets assaulting all four sides of Hard Heart Castle, the collective human heart — is now online at—april–2014.html. If you’d like to see a broadcast from the Hard Heart News studio in Kiev Ukraine, with Lord Saturn and Mercury the Messenger themselves, and hear about why the extremely powerful planet combination coming this month is the most transformative of the year, and possibly the strongest of the entire Uranus-Pluto dynamic of 2012 – 2015, Check out this month’s UFC. Here’s an excerpt:

To introduce the fighters in what could be likened to a tag team match if anyone actually wanted to work with anyone else: all four corners of the system of domination, manipulation and control — the establishments of government, finance, education and religion (Jupiter); science, technology and media (Uranus); military and enforcement powers (Mars); and espionage, encryptation and propaganda (Pluto) — are not linked hand in hand and cheek by jowl as usual, working smoothly if not happily to keep their people fooled, fat and frightened, but are now so divided that each one is against all of the others, seeking to save only itself as they hear the girders groaning, they smell the first faint fumes, feel the brick dust falling on their backs, and fight to get out of the rotten structure before it falls on top of them. Naturally, they try to stir as much fear as they can in everyone else, in hopes that this emotional energy wave, however dark and heavy, will implode and shore up their ruin for just a little longer.

Under normal conditions, when they’re in alliance, even the collective brass heart of every lawyer in LA would be a piece of tiramisu for these planets. And so would Fort Hard Heart. We can guess how it goes. Mars goes right at the wall, as always. Jupiter corrupts the governor and bribes the guards. Uranus jams the internal electric grid and runs nonstop the sounds and symbols that Pluto crafted just before he tunneled down to undermine the wall and cave it in from below. If the planets cooperate, then the castle has about as much chance of holding out as a lovesick teenager facing Ava Gardner in a black velvet dress.

Universal Festival Calendar, February 2014


The Universal Festival Calendar for February, 2014 is now online, complete with its mythic prelude “El Señor de Las Rosas.”

It shows in more detail than last month’s UFC how the extremely turbulent and transformative dynamics of this year, the climax of the Years of Awakening from 2012 to 2015, will unfold in a birth rhythm that intensifies with the Full Moon of Feb. 14 – 15. An excerpt:

If the world and the brushfires of the human heart are as turbulent as this now, then what can we expect at the major seismic events of April, June and December, and in early 2015? And what will be our best strategies for getting ourselves, our families and our communities through the black winds and the white water we’ll have to negotiate this year?

What the Moonlight Shows
If you read the UFC and other things like it, you already know. By now we could probably form the main ideas into a litany of other set of mantras. Be the change you want to see in the world. Feed the bird of love rather than the wolf of fear, and make sure your well of courage holds more than your well of doubt. Make generosity an art form. Build community, and make it joyous. Create a resumé as compelling as the Dalai Lama’s: “I am a Buddhist monk.” Do what is needed — more on this soon — to get better health in all ways. And memorize what Arun Gandhi said in March, 2002 at Unity Church, Diamond Head for the first Season of Peace in Hawaii.
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Into the Cauldron: Universal Festival Calendar, Nov. 2013


The astral dynamics are building toward the intensely transformational events of Nov. 1 – 5. The new Universal Festival Calendar for November, 2013 is now up at—november.html, complete with its mythic prelude, “Into the Cauldron.”

pardonerWhat does Chaucer’s famous Pardoner’s Tale have to do with the intensifying money melee and capitalist cockfight of the fast devolving world economy? How do the Black Moon of Nov. 3 and the New Moon that follows two days later on Guy Fawkes’ Day embody communal forces of creativity that are building all through our planetary intentional field? What herbs is Lady Cerridwen brewing in her cauldron, and what energies do they offer us? Here’s a piece of her recipe:

cerridwen“Black currant for self-acceptance. Cohosh for opening to love, and Blackberry for the sweetness of the heart reward that awaits those who practice love in patience and active waiting. Eyebright for graceful growth. Jasmine for the scent of spirit. Kidney beans for speaking our truth. Lavender for ecstasy.” And much more.

All blessings for Samhain and All Saints’ the Scorpio Black Moon and the pyrotechnics of Guy Fawkes’ Day. Keep Holding That Frequency.

Astrocartography: Your Personal Planet Energy Lines

Greetings and Blessings. I’m writing to let subscribers to Aquarian Airlines and the Universal Festival Calendar know that tomorrow, on Wed. October 9, I’ll be the guest of my dear friend and mentor Leslie Zehr on the second webcast in her series Contemplating the Universe . . . and Everything in It. Our topic will be Astrocartography: How to Find Your Personal Planet Energy Lines.

The timing of this simulcast depends on your location. It begins at 10:00pm GMT/UTC in London. Peru is 5 hours behind GMT. One way to check the time for your area is the Happy Zebra worldclock site.

To join us by phone, call (001) 206-402-0100, and enter Guest Code: 632840#

To join us over the web, click this link: This page has a clock that shows you exactly when we’ll begin in your area.

Io Cartography

The map you see here is mine, for Ecuador and Peru. We’ll cover this map and others, like the New York and LA maps of Robert de Niro. Exciting stuff. Please join us!

Back in the Air

Greetings and blessings, and many thanks to all who have kindly written in the last two months to ask what happened to Aquarian Airlines, and my old Hermes3 website, and me. I am still among the living, and most grateful for the good wishes of those who’ve wondered if Aquarian Air had crash-landed, or was stuck in the hangar with mystery conditions that have been taking much too long to repair.

In February-March, with the expert help of my creative partner Mark Wilcox, I launched my new website at, which now hosts my Universal Festival Calendar, astrocartography readings page and events pages such as Sacred Sounds Egypt 2013. Hermes3 is still online as the ancestor site that hosts UFC issues from 1998 through Feb. 2013, all listed in the UFC Index, pages about the Play of Freedom and Sacred Sounds, and When It Rained in Egypt, which will be revamped in the months ahead, with complete new music.

Even so, though — did the hiatus really have to run four months as it has? Yes, I’m sorry to say, as I am just recovering now from severe illness and exhaustion triggered by 3 1/2 months of travel in Egypt, Europe and South America. It has been best lately to take it slow, and recover.
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