Turbulent Planets in May and June 2016

danAquarius200Hello, and welcome. This is Captain Aquarius, welcoming you to flight 521, and alerting you to keep your seatbelt fastened as we navigate some turbulent planets. Please don’t walk about in the aisle unless you’re acting in service, or joining other passengers in singing to the Moon, or looking for champagne.

My apologies. The Universal Festival Calendar has never been this late, ever since Dan Furst started writing it in July, 1998. More below about the conditions that have brought this exasperating outcome and others, as we look at how the dominant planet alignment of Spring 2016 has powerfully affected me, and may affect you too in similar ways. Briefly: my Macbook Pro suffered a hard drive crash and rebuild on April 29, smack at the beginning of Mercury retrograde (April 28 – May 22). The least welcome result was that many of my applications were now obsolete and have had to be updated and otherwise unblocked. The ones that especially affect astrology communications were iMovie, which I was using to make videos for the Black and Full Moons; and Adobe Muse, which I use to create and publish new web pages. Speaking of which —

HELP! I need to find one person who likes to save the UFC for reference each month. I’ve lost the UFC for February, March and April, and am reconstructing May now. So if you or someone you know can send me some of these pages, this would save me from having to rewrite them all, at a time when none of us has time to address anything except what is right here and now.

The Sacrificial Fires of April 19

The Full Moon in Scorpio that’s coming three days from now is already momentous enough. That’s why I’ve just posted April 21, 2016 Full Moon, the latest of my 10-minute videos on the lunations of 2016, on YouTube. The Full Moon of April 21 or 22, depending on your location, also comes within the aftermath and echo of what climaxes tomorrow, on April 19.

It’s not just that tomorrow is the day of the crucial New York primary in what could be the usual US presidential entertainment cycle, or could be something more. And not just because it’s Bicycle Day, celebrating Albert Hofmann’s first successful LSD experiment in 1943. And not even because in this leap year, the Sun enters Taurus a day early on April 19, on the same day the Uinal of Earth and the greening of things is celebrated in the Tzolk’in cycle of the Mayan calendar.

Historic Ancient Palmyra Falls Under Control Of ISNo, what’s happening this April 19 is that every icy fear trumpeter on the web is blaring black about the day when new Temples of Baal were going to be erected in Trafalgar Square in London and Times Square in New York, consecrated with sacrifices of babies to Moloch and thus signaling ritual murders of children and others in a wide wave of Satanic Illuminati ceremony throughout the world. The point of  “Triumph of Palmyra,” said the Institute of Digital Archaeology, plausibly enough, was to place in high-visibility locations two replicas of the magnificent arch that had recently been destroyed at the sacred site of Palmyra, in order to plead for the world’s help in preserving the priceless relics of our history and culture. 

The Aries Black Moon of April 7, 2016

I’ve posted the latest 10-minute video on my new Moon Series, on tomorrow’s tremendous Aries Black Moon. The chart for this moment is cast for tomorrow morning, April 7 in Madison, Wisconsin because this place has been yet again so important to the continuing Aquarian political revolution that is now unfolding in the USA, and in other parts of the world.

Even if astrology is a language utterly foreign to you, your first  glance at the shape of the extremely unusual chart shows you why, from last month and on into this one, the planet dynamics of the current months are so unusual, so electrical, so inviting to change of the best kind: broad-based, positive and communal, aimed at our best possibilities of transforming ourselves and our planet.

More in two weeks at the Full Moon. Courage, Keep Holding That Frequency,

Captain Aquarius, dba Dan Furst

The Aries Black Moon of 2016:

April 7, 2016 at 6:23 am CDT in Madison, Wisconsin, USA



All My Helicopters: The Universal Festival Calendar for April, 2016

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. This is Captain Aquarius speaking. Aquarian Airlines flight 4116 welcomes you to Ecstasy of Gold Month in April, 2016. If we’re attuned and lucky on this flight, we may get to see a golden helicopter like this one dropping money for people on the ground who will believe it’s for them.


Hello, and welcome to Aquarian Airlines flight 4116. This is Captain Aquarius, dba Dan Furst, letting you know that the new Universal Festival Calendar for April, 2016 is now online.

It has mythic stories about the banksters’ golden helicopters dropping money like manna from heaven, and goldfinches — like the one who visited Bernie Sanders in mid-speech in Portland Oregon, and this one, held by the Baby Jesus as painted by Luca de Tommé — coming to sing for the purity of our hearts and the truth of our words.

Great mythic paradigms are in play now, even by the standards of the Warrior and the Lover in the month of Aries and Taurus:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the race for the White House;

Freedom! Liberation from political corruption and economic control through technologies like Bitcoin; and

mariellehagenFinch250The Forest Bird from Wagner’s Siegfried, like this one (sung by Marielle Hagen) whose song can be understood only by the pure-hearted hero who dares deadly battle with the dragon of greed and fear.

Which Way Do They Swim? The Climax of Pisces Month, 2016

danAquarius200Hello, this is your Captain Speaking. Please take a look, if you like, at the view screens at the top of your cabin. We’re about to play The Pisces Gallery 2016, a parade of images that tell us how each period in our history looks at the Fishes, and all the zodiac signs, in a way that reflects its rules, and beliefs, its core values and its view of human beings and our planet, and our possibilities.

The show could not begin at a better time: on March 15, the Ides of March in the ancient Roman calendar and the moment when the Sun is in the later degrees of Pisces, about to move into Aries at the Equinox on March 19 west of the Atlantic, March 20 in Eurasia and Africa.

This is one of the crunch and crisis points of what has been so far, and will continue to be, a very Piscean year in every sense. A year when those of us who live in wisdom and love see how beautifully our most spiritual, empathetic and compassionate acts of courage and joy can merge in the all-embracing ocean of the universal heart.

It all shows in this magnificent chart, cast for 9:00 pm on March 15 in Chicago, Illinois because this is the key city in one of the main battleground states in the most important American presidential election cycle in decades. The superb cluster of planets in Pisces, in the 5th house of children, creativity, love affairs, is the same as what we saw at the Black Moon on March 8 – 9, except that the Moon has moved ahead into Cancer in the 9th house, and Venus has entered Pisces. The key feature of these charts for the entire month is the powerful, potentially cleansing combination of the Sun and Chiron (resembling the letter K) in harmonious and nourishing angle to the Midheaven point at the top center of the chart, representing our truest and most authentic values and goals, our shared desire for home, for family ties — and not just with blood family — and for the giving and receiving of nourishment, safety and protection. It’s all here, within our reach, if we will only see it and share it.

New Video of An Evening with Rumi is now up at YouTube








Hello, this is your Captain speaking. I want to let you know that along with all of tonight’s other entertainment on flight 3916, in the wake of the tremendous Pisces Black Moon Eclipse, we’re now offering John Turpa’s new video of An Evening with Rumi, with sound recording by Yun Huz of Sacred Valley Sounds.

All our entertainment options on Aquarian Airlines, as you know, are spirit-screened for people who are conscious, creative and courageous. But this one could not come at a better time. We’ve just come through the spectacular Pisces Black Moon of March 8 – 9 — more about it at this month’s Universal Festival Calendar — and many of are still resonating with what is, after all the Neptunian month of music, and spiritual poetry and teaching stories.

Dan Furst embodies the beloved Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi, whom Middle Eastern people call Mevlana, the master, in this full-length theatre piece, a journey into sacred words and music with musicians Eran Fakir, Eduardo Alejandro Santana, Julied Piña, Jean Piel and Nacho Rodriguez.

danAquarius200Blessings to all in this month of superb opening and crisis, which the Chinese represent in their kanji system with the characters for danger and opportunity. We will have plenty of both in the weeks and months ahead, and can come through smoothly if we remember that a crisis is not a disaster, only a moment when action must be taken., ideally brave action ignited by love.

Poor God: Universal Festival Calendar for March, 2016

danAquarius200Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. This is your Captain speaking. Aquarian Airlines flight 316, through the exciting possibilities of March 2016, welcomes you to this journey through our intuition and imagination, the dreamscape of the mistiest, most mysterious month of all. If you look out your window a week from now on either side of our Aquaricraft, you’ll get a great view of the tremendous Pisces Black Moon, complete with a Super Moon and total eclipse of the Sun, coming on March 8 and 9, depending on your location. 

For more on this, please see the new Universal Festival Calendar for March, 2016, complete with its Mythic Prelude, “Poor God.” It’s about the undertow of this month’s watery celestial dynamics, especially at the Black Moon on March 8; why Pisces is the most spiritual of all signs, and the most mystical, dissolving all boundaries and differences in the universal ocean of compassion, and the very Piscean theme of why, in many religious traditions, God is usually . . . asleep. An excerpt:

jishushrine“When I was an actor in New York half a lifetime ago, Amy Sophia Marashinsky directed me in an evening of her adaptations in English of classical Japanese kyogen comedies, or original plays in kyogen style. One of them was about the local god, or kami, of a Shinto shrine like Jishu Jingu in Kyoto, where people come to pray by pulling on ropes like the ones in this image (courtesy of Travelosopher), which ring bells to get the god’s attention.

Beaming Blue: Universal Festival Calendar Mythic Prelude, Nov. 2015

November 2015


Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for November, 2015. This Scorpionic month of death and regeneration marks the annual passing of what must now wither, the turning of colors from the green of growth and the heart chakra to the yellow of courage and fear, the orange of desire and the deep venous red of blood and survival.

The Celts were among the ancient peoples who saw the days from Hallowe’en to the Day of the Dead on Nov. 2 as an annual hinge point that opens the door from dark to light, death and rebirth, doom and potential. This is why the Celtic New Year began, still does, with Samhain on Nov. 1 and runs through Nov. 5, which commemorates, fittingly enough, the incendiary event of Guy Fawkes Day.

Burn It!

Like all the great feasts that the Celts called days of beginning, when the energy beltaneSof each new season ﷯is highest – though they later came to be called “mid-season” or “cross quarter” festivals between the solstices and equinoxes – Samhain is a fire festival. Imbolc (Feb. 1) is the fire of quickening ﷯toward new life in the Spring, Beltaine (May 1) is the fire of passion and sexual love, and Lughnasad/Lammas (August 1) is the alchemical fire that grows the wheat and bakes the new bread.

Universal Festival Calendar, Nov. 2015: Daily Listings

Daily Listings
November 2015

Oct. 31 – Nov. 3 (4 days):
One of the year’s four great “midseason” festivals, this one at the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. These days have been a critical weather marker from ancient times, as this is the week, called Hallowmas in Christian Europe, when the birds fly south, the animals migrate and hibernate for the winter, and the crops flame out in glory, yielding new food and the seeds to grow anew in the spring just before they die and decay into winter. As this moment in nature marks the onset of mortality, it has always been, in the imagination of human beings everywhere, a time of meeting between the living and the dead.

Kyoto﷯These red days of autumn pass like maple leaves in the stream, and are among the most passionate times of the year for people whose emotional bodies are engaged. Among the other festivals held all over the planet at this point in the year:

The Celtic New Year feast of Samhain, which actually begins Oct. 31, continues until Nov. 27. The time of increasing darkness from now until February is under the protection of Cailleach (the “veiled woman”). Note the resemblance to “Kali”: the Witch at her most severe, the dark side of the Wise Woman aspect of the Triple Goddess.

What the Water Said

Greetings at the momentous Full Moon of June 2, 2015. This month’s Universal Festival Calendar is now online, with astral news about the superb energy currents and news this month brings. For those who like to explore the energy properties of still-living sacred sites, here’s an account of my visit to the great Temple of Apollo at Didyma.

The first time you find it on the map, Didim is only one of those places in 6-point type that make you wonder how many people a town has to get before it gets to be a city. This aggregation of 60,000 people looks at first glance like nothing more than a zillion other farmer’s markets and truck stops. There would be no reason to stop here, along the route from Izmir down to the sea resort town of Marmaris, except for one thing.


Under its Greek name of Didyma, this place was famous in mythic lore, and home to one of the most impressive temples in the Mediterranean world. The temple of Apollo that was built here was not one the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, though some writers note it “almost” was. The Apollon was designed by the same architects who created the magnificent temple of Artemis/Diana to the north in Ephesus. This Apollon is remarkable for its sheer size, as the fourth largest temple in the ancient Greek world, and for the massiveness of its construction. The upper floor housed so many precious works of art, and so apolloninteriorsteps400many donations from people who came to seek the god’s guidance, that some of its inner areas, with their thick walls and roof stones, look like a cross between a shrine and a bank. This magnificent inner staircase was used only on ceremonial occasions. It was not made to accommodate devotee traffic.