Ladies of the Lake: the Majestic Beauty of Guatemala

danAquarius200Hello, this is your Captain speaking. I have a little straight information to tell you, at a time when our airwaves are choked with everything but well-intentioned truth. Aquarian Airlines flight 725 is ready to take off from Guatemala City to Mexico City, and on to Lima, Peru. The point of this message is not to tell you about the planetary dynamics of the next Black Moon in Leo, coming on August 1 or 2, depending on your location. I’ll post a chart and video about this next lunation in a few days.

Rather, the point of talking with you now is to address a false travel advisory that may affect your travel plans. The United States and the UK have been warning their citizens not go to Guatemala because it’s the world’s most unsafe country. We need not speculate here on the motives for this atrociously cynical lie. If you or I were an American politician or capitalist from a country that has more guns than people, and where tens of thousands of people die every year from gunshot wounds — and that’s not even counting people murdered by police — we too would need to transfer our problem to another country. And what better for that purpose than a country so vibrant, beautiful and gracious that the main danger it poses is in exposing the emptiness and horror of the corporatist cultures that rule their peoples through illness, ignorance and fear. For such controlling types, a place as happy, spontaneous and free as Guatemala must be truly terrifying.

Mud Slide: the Capricorn Full Moon of July 19, 2016

danAquarius200Hello, this is your Captain speaking. I’m sad to have to tell you the shocking news of a ground emergency that may affect some passengers of today’s Aquarian Airlines flight 719, from Marseilles France to Cleveland Ohio. As we make our way west to the Full Moon of July 19, we have heard of even more terrible and bloody events than we’ve come to expect in turbulent, explosive 2016. A military coup has just been suppressed in Turkey, with the loss of hundreds of lives and the arrest of thousands of military officers who may wish that a life sentence in a Turkish prison were one of their options now.

Even more alarming for those who cherish and celebrate freedom is that the Bastille Day holiday in France, anniversary of the day in 1789 when the people of Paris stormed the city’s hated prison and triggered the French Revolution, turned horrific a few days ago. On July 14, 2016, as I was recording the video voice track about how this coming Full Moon affirms the power of brave human beings to reclaim their liberty from those who want to take it away, one vicious attack on freedom was soon to come in Paris, where the Eiffel Tower would be set afire, and another had just arrived in Nice, on the Riviera, where a heavy truck is reported to have roared at high speed through a crowd near the beach, killing some 81 people.

Fireworks: the Cancer Black Moon of July 4, 2016

danAquarius200Hello, this is your Captain speaking. Welcome to Aquarian Airlines flight 74, from  London to Istanbul. We’re about to fly toward the Black Moon that comes on July 4, right at the Independence Day holiday in the USA.

If you’d like a more compact video/voiceover version of what follows here — I’ve posted a 10-minute video, “July4,2016BlackMoon” on YouTube. Other videos in this series will go up soon on the Dan Furst Channel on Youtube, starting with the July 18 Full Moon.

There are also brief comments on the lunations of this month — that is, the Black Moon and the Full Moon — in the Daily Listings for July 4 and 18 in the new Universal Festival Calendar that I’ve just posted for July, with its mythic prelude “In the Fire Again.”

Why does this flight take us from London to Istanbul? And why is this Black Moon chart cast for London at 12:00 pm on July 4? Because, intriguingly enough, the Black Moon in July in London falls exactly at the stroke of 12:00 noon, the peak of  the day as a moment of solar illumination, when valuable insight may come not just for individual people, but for whole communities and societies. And because London is still reeling from the consequences of the Brexit vote on June 23, and yet another mass murder has just been perpetrated in Istanbul at a moment of terrific economic and political tension.

X Marks the Spot: the Grand Cross of June 20, 2016

danAquarius200Hello, this is your Captain speaking. Welcome to Aquarian Airlines flight 620, from Brasilia to London. We’re about to fly toward the Full Moon that comes on June 20, right at the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, a day early in this leap year.

If you’d like a more compact video/voiceover version of what follows here — I’ve posted a 10-minute video, “62016FullMoon” on YouTube.

Why does this flight take us from Brasilia to London? And why is this Full Moon chart cast for Brasilia, Brazil at 8:01 am on June 20?

Am Hub Traditional


Because the events of the time are perfect manifestations of the celestial dynamics that will peak at the June 20 Full Moon. Brazil is in the ongoing turmoil of a coup d’etat (Jupiter vs. Saturn), whereby a powerful combination of wealthy would-be oligarchs has removed the country’s legitimately-elected president from power, and has attempted to justify its unconstitutional action through a campaign of propaganda and lies (Jupiter vs. Mercury vs. Neptune). 

More of these blatantly illegal tricks can be expected in the days ahead, as the Full Moon of June 20 plays the overture to England’s Brexit Referendum of June 23. Those Full Moon passions have lately run so high, even before the Full Moon actually comes, that a British MP who favors remaining in the European Union was recently assassinated by a UK nationalist and neo-nazi who believed that his political program and objective justified mortal violence. Are we likely to be seeing more of this, when on the other side of the pond a blowhard and bully who likes to punch and cut the air as he speaks, has already captured the presidential nomination of a major US political party? No doubt about it.

The Grand Crosses of June, 2016

danAquarius200Hello, this is your Captain Speaking. Welcome to Aquarian Airlines flight 6416. We’re about to take off into June of 2016, and some turbulent weather throughout the month, especially at the Black or Dark Moon that comes on June 4 or 5, depending on your location; and the Full Moon of June 20, coming right at the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, a day early in this leap year.

For those who prefer a more compact video/voiceover version of what follows here — I’ve just posted a 10-minute video, “6516BlackMoonRiyadh” on YouTube.

Why are conditions so bumpy all the way through June and July? Because two slow-moving planets, Saturn (with a 29 1/2 year orbit) and Neptune (165 years) are at the “stressful,” “difficult,” “afflictive” 90° angle astrologers call a “square.” We can also think of squares as angles of leverage, when planets apply their weight to habits and beliefs that don’t want to change, in order to help bring about changes that can no longer be ducked, denied or delayed. For June, but then fading in July, Jupiter (12 year orbit) joins and tightens the tension with Saturn and Neptune, forming a still more urgent and powerful T-cross of three points occupied by planets and/or other major chart points.

Turbulent Planets in May and June 2016

danAquarius200Hello, and welcome. This is Captain Aquarius, welcoming you to flight 521, and alerting you to keep your seatbelt fastened as we navigate some turbulent planets. Please don’t walk about in the aisle unless you’re acting in service, or joining other passengers in singing to the Moon, or looking for champagne.

My apologies. The Universal Festival Calendar has never been this late, ever since Dan Furst started writing it in July, 1998. More below about the conditions that have brought this exasperating outcome and others, as we look at how the dominant planet alignment of Spring 2016 has powerfully affected me, and may affect you too in similar ways. Briefly: my Macbook Pro suffered a hard drive crash and rebuild on April 29, smack at the beginning of Mercury retrograde (April 28 – May 22). The least welcome result was that many of my applications were now obsolete and have had to be updated and otherwise unblocked. The ones that especially affect astrology communications were iMovie, which I was using to make videos for the Black and Full Moons; and Adobe Muse, which I use to create and publish new web pages. Speaking of which —

HELP! I need to find one person who likes to save the UFC for reference each month. I’ve lost the UFC for February, March and April, and am reconstructing May now. So if you or someone you know can send me some of these pages, this would save me from having to rewrite them all, at a time when none of us has time to address anything except what is right here and now.

The Sacrificial Fires of April 19

The Full Moon in Scorpio that’s coming three days from now is already momentous enough. That’s why I’ve just posted April 21, 2016 Full Moon, the latest of my 10-minute videos on the lunations of 2016, on YouTube. The Full Moon of April 21 or 22, depending on your location, also comes within the aftermath and echo of what climaxes tomorrow, on April 19.

It’s not just that tomorrow is the day of the crucial New York primary in what could be the usual US presidential entertainment cycle, or could be something more. And not just because it’s Bicycle Day, celebrating Albert Hofmann’s first successful LSD experiment in 1943. And not even because in this leap year, the Sun enters Taurus a day early on April 19, on the same day the Uinal of Earth and the greening of things is celebrated in the Tzolk’in cycle of the Mayan calendar.

Historic Ancient Palmyra Falls Under Control Of ISNo, what’s happening this April 19 is that every icy fear trumpeter on the web is blaring black about the day when new Temples of Baal were going to be erected in Trafalgar Square in London and Times Square in New York, consecrated with sacrifices of babies to Moloch and thus signaling ritual murders of children and others in a wide wave of Satanic Illuminati ceremony throughout the world. The point of  “Triumph of Palmyra,” said the Institute of Digital Archaeology, plausibly enough, was to place in high-visibility locations two replicas of the magnificent arch that had recently been destroyed at the sacred site of Palmyra, in order to plead for the world’s help in preserving the priceless relics of our history and culture. 

The Aries Black Moon of April 7, 2016

I’ve posted the latest 10-minute video on my new Moon Series, on tomorrow’s tremendous Aries Black Moon. The chart for this moment is cast for tomorrow morning, April 7 in Madison, Wisconsin because this place has been yet again so important to the continuing Aquarian political revolution that is now unfolding in the USA, and in other parts of the world.

Even if astrology is a language utterly foreign to you, your first  glance at the shape of the extremely unusual chart shows you why, from last month and on into this one, the planet dynamics of the current months are so unusual, so electrical, so inviting to change of the best kind: broad-based, positive and communal, aimed at our best possibilities of transforming ourselves and our planet.

More in two weeks at the Full Moon. Courage, Keep Holding That Frequency,

Captain Aquarius, dba Dan Furst

The Aries Black Moon of 2016:

April 7, 2016 at 6:23 am CDT in Madison, Wisconsin, USA



All My Helicopters: The Universal Festival Calendar for April, 2016

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. This is Captain Aquarius speaking. Aquarian Airlines flight 4116 welcomes you to Ecstasy of Gold Month in April, 2016. If we’re attuned and lucky on this flight, we may get to see a golden helicopter like this one dropping money for people on the ground who will believe it’s for them.


Hello, and welcome to Aquarian Airlines flight 4116. This is Captain Aquarius, dba Dan Furst, letting you know that the new Universal Festival Calendar for April, 2016 is now online.

It has mythic stories about the banksters’ golden helicopters dropping money like manna from heaven, and goldfinches — like the one who visited Bernie Sanders in mid-speech in Portland Oregon, and this one, held by the Baby Jesus as painted by Luca de Tommé — coming to sing for the purity of our hearts and the truth of our words.

Great mythic paradigms are in play now, even by the standards of the Warrior and the Lover in the month of Aries and Taurus:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the race for the White House;

Freedom! Liberation from political corruption and economic control through technologies like Bitcoin; and

mariellehagenFinch250The Forest Bird from Wagner’s Siegfried, like this one (sung by Marielle Hagen) whose song can be understood only by the pure-hearted hero who dares deadly battle with the dragon of greed and fear.

Which Way Do They Swim? The Climax of Pisces Month, 2016

danAquarius200Hello, this is your Captain Speaking. Please take a look, if you like, at the view screens at the top of your cabin. We’re about to play The Pisces Gallery 2016, a parade of images that tell us how each period in our history looks at the Fishes, and all the zodiac signs, in a way that reflects its rules, and beliefs, its core values and its view of human beings and our planet, and our possibilities.

The show could not begin at a better time: on March 15, the Ides of March in the ancient Roman calendar and the moment when the Sun is in the later degrees of Pisces, about to move into Aries at the Equinox on March 19 west of the Atlantic, March 20 in Eurasia and Africa.

This is one of the crunch and crisis points of what has been so far, and will continue to be, a very Piscean year in every sense. A year when those of us who live in wisdom and love see how beautifully our most spiritual, empathetic and compassionate acts of courage and joy can merge in the all-embracing ocean of the universal heart.

It all shows in this magnificent chart, cast for 9:00 pm on March 15 in Chicago, Illinois because this is the key city in one of the main battleground states in the most important American presidential election cycle in decades. The superb cluster of planets in Pisces, in the 5th house of children, creativity, love affairs, is the same as what we saw at the Black Moon on March 8 – 9, except that the Moon has moved ahead into Cancer in the 9th house, and Venus has entered Pisces. The key feature of these charts for the entire month is the powerful, potentially cleansing combination of the Sun and Chiron (resembling the letter K) in harmonious and nourishing angle to the Midheaven point at the top center of the chart, representing our truest and most authentic values and goals, our shared desire for home, for family ties — and not just with blood family — and for the giving and receiving of nourishment, safety and protection. It’s all here, within our reach, if we will only see it and share it.